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Industrial Training Programs

These Projects / Industrial Training programs are a unique combination of Technology learning and real life technical projects. The project helps the students to satisfy the university guidelines along with technical learning & experience

Industrial Training Objectives:

  • • To expose students to Interior Design experience and information. This is required in industry, where these are not taught in the lecture rooms.
  • • To apply the Interior Design knowledge taught in the lecture rooms in real industrial situation.
  • • To use the experience gained from the ‘Industrial Training’ in discussions held in the lecture rooms.
  • • To acquire a feel of the work environment.
  • • To increase experience in writing reports in Interior Design works/projects.
  • • To depiction students to the Interior Design responsibilities and ethics.
  • • To expose the students to future employers as well as to introduce the Industrial Training Program available within all of the aspect Technologies.
• With all the experience and knowledge acquired, it is hoped that the students will be able to choose appropriate work upon graduation.