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Animation is a visual technique that provides the illusion of motion by displaying a collection of images in rapid sequence.  These images can be hand drawn, computer generated, or pictures of 2D or 3D objects.  When the images are viewed rapidly, your eye fills in the details and the illusion of movement is complete.  In the booming market of cartoons and animations, one can easily satiate his creative spirits and take home a handsome pay packet. 

Cartoon Animation

Cartoon animation is created with traditional hand-drawn or computer-generated animation techniques.  It is not only useful in the technology world but animations have also slowly over the entertainment and the other daily aspect of life

Action script 2.0 & 3.0

 is the object-oriented programming language can use in flash movies to add interactivity to your applications, whether it may be a simple animation or a complex enterprise rich internet application

Project Animation

It means this multi-session program, participants will have the opportunity to explore the world of animation and create their own digital productions under the guidance of industry professionals.

E-Learning Animation

Online education is education that is delivered via the internet, Often referred to as elearning or, computer based training, online learning covers all sorts of educational concepts using a wide range of techniques and technologies